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Bodybuilding and Physique

Although bodybuilding is principally seen as something largely cosmetic – there is not a heck of a lot of practical reason for having arms wider than a small tree – there are reasons beyond the aesthetic effects of it for sticking to a regime. Not least of these is that a good body building regime can have a knock-on effect on your general good health. As long as it is a measured and defined program, a body building regime can be one of the best things you ever do on the auspices of good health.

Your heart requires exercise. One of the most frequent contributory factors in a heart attack or heart disease is a sedentary lifestyle. As much fun as it may be sitting on a couch watching television and eating nachos, it does not make a recipe for a long life. It will also give you less chance of successfully running for a bus. By training often and well, you will lose the fat that makes your energy levels so low.

Additionally, staying in shape will allow you to do so much more. If you have kids, being able to join in their games is something on which you cannot put a price. Kids seem to have boundless energy, and if you do not have an exercise regime to keep you in shape, their energy will seem unmatchable. Being able to keep up with them will allow you to play more of a part in their games, and make parenthood all the more enjoyable.

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