is Ephedra safe?

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Bodybuilding and Ephedra

Should i take Ephedra? is Ephedra safe? These questions will be answered in this video!

How to gain strength fast

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Bodybuilding Strength Gains Fast

We all want to gain strength and build muscles fast, but how exactly do you do it? Check out this  video to find out!!

Proving Something To Yourself

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Bodybuilding and Success

The major benefits of body building should be obvious to just about anyone, with the fact that physical power is always highly coveted. Strong men have always been respected and held in awe, as far back at least as Samson in Biblical times. But often someone who takes up bodybuilding is not thinking about being held in awe. In fact many are thinking just the opposite, wanting people simply to stop thinking of them as a twelve-stone weakling. Showing that you can do what it takes to become physically strong and powerful takes work – but it is work that carries its own reward.

There are many practical situations in which the ability to lift something heavy, or simply to move something large, is of major importance. But shifting a mental block is at least as valuable. Many of us underestimate just how physically strong we are, and how much potential we have, and as far as proving it goes there is no better way than training to a point where we are capable of physical achievements that would be beyond many.

Most of us would love to be capable of things that we watch happening on television week in and week out. Many of the most popular sports feature individuals who have trained to the point where they are capable of pushing another (pretty large) human being backwards at a high speed. Gridiron and rugby – two of the major sports in their countries of origin, would be impossible without the muscle bound guys who don’t always get the credit – but are invariably favorites with the fans.

Practical Reasons for Body Building

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Why you should take up bodybuilding

When people look at body builders, there is often a suggestion that the word “vanity” is never far from their minds. After all, it is pretty much impossible to be a body builder without it being fairly obvious. Even in a suit that covers up all the muscles, a long term body builder can often be hard to distinguish from a moving wall. But to assume that vanity is behind most people taking up bodybuilding would be unfair, and simply massively inaccurate. There are many practical reasons why you would consider taking it up.

Quite apart from any competitive considerations, there is the fact that for most of us, situations will occur that necessitate a bit (or a lot) of heavy lifting. As well built as some of us may be naturally, heavy lifting still takes it out of you. But if you have been working on the exact muscle groups that are required for the job, then you will be in a good position to get through such a task with a minimum of sweat. In fact, people will often pay you to do it for them. If you have been working those muscles for years, that’s pretty close to money for nothing.

Being able to lift and move heavy items is something that comes up again and again, if you are moving house for example. The simple thought of doing such a thing is enough to bring many individuals out in a cold sweat. Those muscles may provoke envy in many, but they can also win you a bunch of respect.


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Bodybuilding and Competition

You can do more or less anything competitively these days. There are competitions for things that maybe half a century ago would have been unimaginable in a competitive context, and as time goes on the field increases in size. But it should come as no surprise that among the things you can do competitively in bodybuilding. It is something that has clearly definable and measurable results. And it fits in well with a competitive spirit, as it is something towards which you can train and put in a whole lot of effort.

If you are a relative novice to bodybuilding, there are competitions for the newcomer which are probably the best choice if you are feeling competitive. The guys who have been competing for years are liable to make anyone feel somewhat daunted and even a little bit discouraged. The one thing that must sit as a caveat for any potential competitor is that it is not a pursuit for a shrinking violet. In order to demonstrate the success of your body building regime it is necessary to pull some poses that would make the average person blush. But if you have been working on your physique and got it to a level that you’re happy with, why would you not show it off?

Most areas have regional competitions, and if you do well enough there there are many levels above that to which you can graduate. Perhaps someone reading this might go on to be another Mr Universe!

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